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The more popular the Kraken marketplace becomes, the more people become interested in it and want to visit its pages. This is due to the fact that everyone who has ever clicked on the link remains impressed by many features of the Kraken trading platform, such as a large number of products, convenience and ease of shopping. Such users themselves remain on Kraken and recommend it to others.

What are the unique features of the Kraken site?

Of course, the most important feature of Kraken is its overall security. Sellers and buyers never meet face to face. The only information the store has is the buyer's nickname and the city to which the courier must deliver the goods. The second feature is that the 2krn site allows you to buy everything at once. There are no special connections to the goods sold. So to speak, "under one roof"prohibited goods, documents, money, electronics, etc. are sold. Another feature worth mentioning is its thoughtful functionality. Unlike other darknet resources, Kraken is easy to find and buy the product you need. There is a catalog clearly divided into categories by area and a search bar by product name. To buy a product, just go to its page and click the "Buy" button. Within a short time you will receive the product and will be able to write a review about the cooperation.